Big Life Sound is one of the World Reggae Entertainment Industry’s premier DJ Group (Sound System), this name is synonymous with what’s happening in both music and reggae culture in Florida & Guyana.


Today’s most in demand Sound System as well as a fixture in the night life scene; Big Life Sound currently has residencies in Florida and Guyana. There schedule has them traveling the world over to play special engagements in clubs, private parties and corporate events. It’s a guarantee that no matter where Big Life plays the A- Listers and hipsters alike are dancing on the beat of Big Life.
You know a Dancehall Party / Sound Clash is hot; high profile and happening if BIG LIFE SOUND is in the building!

A-Listers show up to events not to be seen but to hear Big Life Selectors spin and tear up the dance floor to their music of choice. Big Life Sound feels a crowd and gives them what they want, whether it’s mixing dancehall with culture or hip hop with rock and everything between to ensure the crowd have a good time and leave wanting more.